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“I like to let people decide what they see, 

kind of like looking at clouds.”


Using a combination of cut paper layered with paint and pastels, Linda creates work that is both energetic and optimistic.

Inspired by natural elements like leaves, seed pods  and vines, she layers organic lines and forms in compositions that inspire viewers’ interpretations.

“I like to let people decide what they see,” she says, “kind of like looking at clouds.”

And, like clouds, Linda’s pieces inspire new interpretations as they move, either by simply being rotated or commingled in framed displays. Her asymmetric yet beautifully balanced compositions bring a fresh, modern look to any environment.


Citing Basquiat, Kirchner, Matisse, Miró and Picasso among her influences, she explores and exalts humble bits of nature in her own original, celebratory way.

Prior to pursuing  fine art, Linda was a nationally renowned designer, art director and illustrator. Her work has been published in prestigious award show annuals and her illustrations were commissioned by national and international clients including Estee Lauder, and the U.S. Postal Service, which featured her work on its official 2011 Christmas stamp.

Born in Rochester NY, Linda received a BFA degree from Rochester Institute of Technology. She now lives and works in upstate New York and on Hilton Head Island, SC.




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